Unfortunately, we cannot give you the results of any test over the telephone or by email, at any time. In part, this is because the confidentiality of your medical information cannot be guaranteed by these methods. However, most importantly, it is because the doctors may have to reassess your condition. They need to be available to answer your questions and ensure you have a better understanding of the significance of the results in the context of your overall health status.

Usually, the doctor will have given you directions at the time the tests is ordered as to what kind of follow-up is required. Visits to review your results should be booked during regular appointment hours, as there may be inadequate time to appropriately review the issues during after hours care.

Most bloodwork results are available within 1 week; however, antibody tests (for your immune system or related to sexually transmitted infections) can take up to 3 weeks to return after the test date. Regular x-rays and ultrasounds are available within 1 week, but CT scans, bone density tests, mammograms and other complex imaging or cardiology tests take an average of 2-3 weeks before the results are received by our office.