Every year, more employers and academic institutions are beginning to require medical documentation for any absences.

If you are going to be away from work, or if your child will be missing school, due to medical reasons, and you anticipate requiring a medical certificate for the absence, please note that you or your child need to be assessed at the time of the illness in order for your doctor to be able to write that note for you. This is because the letter constitutes a legal assessment of medical incapacity, and your physician needs to make that assessment at the time in order to determine if the absence is medically warranted. If you are not assessed when unwell, you may be disappointed to find that your absence may not be eligible for a certificate of medical absence.

As well, be aware that the completion of notes, forms or certificates for work, school, daycare or camps is not covered by OHIP (Ontario's health insurance plan).

As such, it constitutes an uninsured service, which has to be billed to patients directly. If your work or private health insurance plan offers you coverage for these services, you will be provided with a receipt in order for you to obtain reimbursement from them.

A standard absence form for daycare, school or work, on our clinic's letterhead, is $2000*. More detailed forms, such as those for most post-secondary academic institutions, are $3500* or higher depending on the amount of information required. Other specialty forms or customized letters will be billed based on the complexity of their requirements.

* prices are subject to change without notice, and are based on provincial recommendations.