Under provincial regulations, you are required to present a valid OHIP health card at each visit.

In order to reduce health care fraud, no photocopies of health cards or written numbers can be accepted. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on previously documented health card numbers on your chart, since health cards expire or become invalid for multiple reasons.

    You need to renew your green OHIP health card if any of the following criteria are true :
  • your old card has expired.
  • you have moved since receiving your current card.
  • your old card has been reported lost or stolen.
  • your card is damaged or the magnetic stripe is unreadable.

Please note that the older red and white OHIP cards, which previously did not have an expiry date, are now also being called in for replacement under the Ministry of Health's expanded health card validation programme. If you have a red and white OHIP card, and have received notice to seek a replacement card, you must do so before the indicated date, as your previous red and white OHIP card will no longer be valid.

If your current health card is not presented or is expired or invalid, you will be billed directly and provided with a receipt. In order to receive a refund for services rendered, you must return to the clinic within the advised time frame with a valid renewed health card. Please note that you must return the original receipt in order to receive your refund.

other provincical health cards or federal health programmes

Patients with documentation of valid coverage under other Canadian provincial or federal health programmes will usually be able to receive medical services without charge; however, certain exceptions do apply. In those circumstances, patients will be billed directly and provided with documentation which would allow them to claim for reimbursement directly from their provincial or federal ministry of health office.

no valid Canadian health card

If you do not have, or are not eligible for, a Canadian health card, you will be billed directly for the medical services rendered. You will be provided with a receipt documenting the amount billed that may permit you to claim for reimbursement directly from your private health or travel insurance provider.

In order to minimize additional charges, you are encouraged to check with your private insurance company prior to attendance at the clinic, and to bring any required documentation or forms when you seek medical attention.