Please be advised that we may not prescribe narcotics (such as percocet or tylenol #3) or benzodiazepines (like ativan or valium) to patients of other physicians. Nor do we keep addictive drugs in the clinic. People who use such medications for medical reasons should get them from one family doctor only, and should only use one pharmacy for filling them.

Doctors at our clinic do not prescribe narcotics or benzodiazepines to other doctor’s patients, even if that doctor is a member of our group. It is the patient and their doctor's joint responsibility to plan ahead, ensuring that sufficient and appropriate amounts of narcotic or sedative medications are provided until the next assessment.

Registered family practice patients may in certain circumstances receive such medications from their appointed family physician; however the acceptance and use of these prescriptions is subject to the conditions and liabilities of the addictive substances prescription contract.